Pilppa is a place for the projects for ubiquitous internet needs, IoT type of devices from the time when the IoT word was not yet invented.
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PilppaFW: 1-wire data capture example in blog post
1-wire temperature data example
Added by Mika Laitio over 8 years ago

lib1wire: DS2423 kernel driver
I send today the DS2423 kernel driver to linux kernel mailing list.
Added by Mika Laitio about 10 years ago

PilppaFW: lib1wire library
library for reading 1-wire device data.
Added by Mika Laitio over 10 years ago

PilppaFW: new projects added
libplp, libplpbus and libplpha libraries added
Added by Mika Laitio over 10 years ago

h63xx Familiar Linux Port: anonymous git access available
Added by Mika Laitio almost 12 years ago

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