1-wire data capture example in blog post

Added by Mika Laitio about 8 years ago

Blog post at has now an example from the data
that nws-w1 app can gather from the 1-wire sensor devices in my buffalo wzr-hp-g300nh router.

In addition of just returning the raw-data, plp libraries are capable of calculating
and various kind of summaries from the data in an efficient way and serving it over the network
to clients. This functionality is implemented in libplpbus client/server libraries that utilizes the CORBA
while hiding most of the CORBA complexity away.

new projects added

Added by Mika Laitio about 10 years ago

libplp, libplpbus and libplpha libraries provide the base for the new framework.
- libplp provides all kind of common functionalities. (only common error coces and stracing method prototypes available at the moment)
- libplpbus message bus which allow synchronous and asynchronous communication between multiple devices
- libplpha high availability library


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